The DynaSmiles® by DNT - Something to Smile About!

The DynaSmiles® are our irresistibly cute and lovable character illustrations drawn by Daveia Odoi with the brightest of smiles and sold on high quality goods including notebooks, phone cases, t-shirts and more.

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Meet The Artist

Photo Credit: Denisse Benitze Photography

Daveia Odoi
Owner & Illustrator
The DynaSmiles® Stationery & Gifts
DNT Dynamite Design, LLC.

Hi, my name is Daveia Odoi, pronounced Day-Vee-Yah Oh-Doy, and I'm the owner and illustrator behind The DynaSmiles® Stationery & Gifts. 

The DynaSmiles® was birthed out of my longing to see refreshingly delightful and relatable stationery as I shopped for bridal shower invitations back in 2008.  When I couldn't find any that reflected me and my joy, I decided to make my own. The following year, my husband encouraged me to do for others what I did for myself and so we learned how to sell tangible products with my happy artwork to help fill the need for representation in retail.

In April 2020, my family changed forever when my husband and best friend, the father of our two children, died from cancer.  He was my number one supporter in life and in business who worked tirelessly to ensure our family's success.

In honoring his legacy of being the ultimate encourager, this brand will continue forward as the Lord allows.

You see, our products exist to simply brighten your day because, let's face it, life at times can be extremely rough.  Yet in the midst of darkness, there's always a light. Hope can shine through any circumstance if we look hard enough. And around here, the reminder of that hope is seeing a warm and encouraging smile.

Thank you for stopping by and be encouraged!

Rest in heaven to my heart's most treasured and beloved friend, Edmund Odoi (1979 - 2020). I love you forever and always. 

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